Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing Services in NH and MA

Choosing to get your cabinets refinished is a cost-effective alternative to remodeling your kitchen entirely and starting from scratch. Plus, if your cabinets are already made using high-quality materials with appropriate structure, then it is best to refinish them instead of installing new ones completely. Let our team here at Shining Star Painting & Remodeling help you out!

Restoration of highest standard

Your kitchen cabinets need to be of high-quality because they need to hold utensils, containers, dishes, pots, pans, and other kitchen supplies. That can only happen when they have been refinished by professionals such as the ones at Shining Star Painting & Remodeling.

Get a new kitchen look and save money!

We can chemically strip the current finish from the cabinets, sand them, apply new stain, and cover with paint to redo your kitchen cabinets. We have helped several customers save money and get the most of out their cabinet refinishing. Give it a shot with Shining Star Painting & Remodeling!

Our promise to our customers mean EVERYTHING to us.