Deck Repair and Remodeling

Deck Repair & Remodeling Services in NH and MA

Take a long look at your deck. Does it look tired? Take a closer look and perform an inspection of the nails and boards. You might notice some signs of erosion, gaps between your deck and house, posts that are rotting, or deck discoloration.

All of these are signs that you need to get your deck repaired to protect it from external elements. Leave it to Shining Star Painting & Remodeling to take care of your deck repair and offer durable solutions.

Deck inspection

Before we get started on the job, we will perform a detailed inspection of deck to compile a list of what is wrong with it. We will share this list with you to get your input about what you think are key priorities to address in terms of the look and appeal of your deck. Next, we will try to repair your deck with durability and budget in mind.

Composite Deck

We also install composite decks for maximum value for money. These decks are incredibly durable because they are harder to stain, scratch, rot, and mold. Plus, a composite deck does not require too much maintenance.

Reliable restoration

Over the years, we have come across decks that have been damaged in different ways and each one required a different approach. At Shining Star Painting & Remodeling, we make use of tested measures to breathe life into olds decks as well as preserve old ones.

Our promise to our customers mean EVERYTHING to us.