Residential Painting

Residential Painting Services in NH and MA

Take a quick walk around your house to observe the paint details of the interior and exterior. Does the paint appear to have become duller compared to how bright it used to be? Maybe it is chipping, bubbling and cracking around the corners? Or perhaps it has fallen prey to standard damage at the expense of children and pets around the house? Whatever the case may be, Shining Star Painting & Remodeling offers exceptional residential panting services that will not disappoint you.

Exterior Painting

With exterior paint, our top concern is durability. Sunlight, wind, dust, and other weathering influences can take a toll on the quality of the exterior paint and cause it to lose its sparkle quicker than it should. You can count on us to take all factors into account!

Interior Painting

We apply architectural color palettes to make indoor living spaces appear bigger, smaller, warmer, cooler, and cozier than what they used to be like. Plus, we ensure that the color choice for each living space matches the furniture so that nothing looks out of place.

Our promise to our customers mean EVERYTHING to us.